Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bomb Shelter Radio: Tenderloin 2012

Joshua Short examines contemporary myth and rituals within the American Cultural landscape. The American warrior myth, pirate radio and punk will be the point of departure for a month long residency at Evergold gallery. Over the coarse of his residency Short will build "Bomb shelter Radio" and host several live sonic events which will include Experimental noise transmissions, live metal and hardcore bands, and subversive FM radio interventions. During the day the gallery will become the Tenderloin Self-defense Club, where joshua will offer martial art instruction to the neighborhood inhabitants.

Joshua Short also dissects consumer appliances and mashes them into new configurations that heightens their functionality. Over the course of the residency Joshua plans to create a set of sculptures made from found objects around the Tenderloin and turn them into FM radios.

Within these times of economic struggle, civil discontent and urban blight its easy to get depressed and disenfranchised. Bomb Shelter Radio will be as a hub to exercise creative practice and self-defense. Personal liberation through free speech and self confidence though knowing that you can kick ass are as American as apple pie. They are liberation acts. Josh hopes to bring a little light to some gloomy times.

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