Sunday, February 4, 2176

Live Events February: Updated Daily

Saturday 4 Live Show: Bad Backs, Sand City, Mugwort, 8-10pm
Tuesday 7 Tyson's Drum and Noise w/Dj Centipede
Thursday 9 Venkman, Spectre, Reivers 7-10pm
Friday 10 Psychedelic zone Dance party with Madge and company 6-midnight
Saturday 11 Nuclear Death Wish, Spaceburn, julia mazawa
Sunday 12 Connoisseur, Your Enemy and Human Waste
Monday 13 Frank
Wednesday 15 Permanent Ruin, Negative Standards and Sister Fucker
Thursday 16 Street justice, Dalton, Butt Problems, Hazzards Cure

Tuesday 21

afternoon: Tambo Rays and Melted Toys.

7-10 Waxy Tombs, White Hunter, Cumber bun

Wendesday 22

afternoon: Canons and Clouds

7-10 evan Bogunia, Waxy Tombs/program home..., Ryan Jobes , Eric Sanchez

Thursday 23

afternoon Dreams

7-10 Anotherbodyfound with Djs: P-Trak, T-Bird, and Pirate Jenny

Friday 24

afternoon: Sea of Beas

7-10 Evening: LOL CATZ with: JONAH (One dog/Twenty Cats), george chen, rajeev dhar, sierra frost, clare o'kane, land smith, riah gouvea, joey devine with special guests Eric Svedas and cohorts, and others TBA

Saturday 25

afternoon: Taxes 5-11pm Evening: Djs: Junkdrawer(bargain Basement), Darkat(sound Dimensions), Duece(rubber-o-cement), D-Syn(5lowershop), Caveman & the fossils(Buenos Aires/ Live Musical Synthesis by, Granny Zebra, Pony Pony Pony, Tony Manfre(shut, weSC) AlganoMan(cat five)

Sunday 26

7-10 Closing party Depths and friends TBA

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